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Our team at Companion Animal Hospital provides a comprehensive array of services from wellness programs to in-depth diagnostics for sick patients. We routinely consult with the specialty service veterinarians at the University of Missouri on unusual cases, ensuring our clients have access to top-notch veterinary experts while maintaining continuity of care as a primary care clinic.  We are a fully functional animal hospital with in-house laboratory equipment, surgical services, and radiology, and are proud to be able to offer same-day testing and results for ill patients. For more specialized testing and evaluation, we have formed strong relationships with multiple diagnostic laboratories to ensure that even in a small town, our patients can have the very best care.

Wellness Exams

Our wellness plans are designed to keep your pets healthy!  We offer vaccinations and fecal floatation exams to evaluate for presence of internal parasites.  Our heartworm test evaluates your dog’s heartworm status and exposure to infected ticks carrying Ehrlichia canis.  We offer retroviral testing in cats for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLV).  Bloodwork and thyroid testing to screen organ function are available to help determine your pet's 'normal', as well as detect disease early. With just the prick of a needle we can microchip pets using Home Again microchipping, which allows lost animals to be reunited with their home.  Our veterinarians and technicians are knowledgeable in behavior concerns and happy to help with behavioral counseling for your pets. We are also strong proponents of using healthy, high-quality dog food as a building block for healthy living; nutritional assessment is a part of every visit, from first puppy and kitten evaluations to routine geriatric checks as our pets age.  


Spay & Neuter

Our clinic offers spaying and neutering surgical services.  Pets can be spayed as early as 8 weeks, but we most commonly recommend spaying and neutering at around 4 months of age to ensure that your pet has had a full series of puppy or kitten vaccines prior to their surgery.  All of our surgeries are performed at the highest level of excellence with special care taken to manage pain and post-operative comfort.  


Our clinic offers a fully stocked pharmacy allowing for our veterinarians to prescribe, fill and dispense medication all in the clinic during your visit.  We not only are able to dispense a wide variety of medications, but we carry prescription diets too!

We offer surgical services including, but not limited to, spaying and neutering, dentistry, tumor removal, abdominal exploration, cystotomy, amputation, and enucleation.  Our surgeries are performed with the use of isoflurane gas anesthesia.  Our CO2 laser aids in hemostasis and allows for near bloodless declaw surgeries. We have a dedicated surgical technician during every surgical procedure to operate our anesthesia monitoring equipment and to ensure the safety of each of our patients.  Our clinic believes in multimodal pain control which treats pain through a combination of anti-inflammatories, heat/cold therapy, local nerve blocks, physical therapy and opioids.

Microchip Administration

Companion Animal Hospital offers microchipping of all pets.  Microchipping is a permanent identification.  A needle is used to place a small microchip under the skin.  A microchip scanner is able to read the identification number which is registered in the permanent database with Home Again®.  Often, microchipping is done at the time of the spay or neuter, but it does not require anesthesia and can be easily done on alert animals at their regular appointment.  



We offer medical grooming for both dogs and cats. We can also groom cats who require sedation and could not otherwise be groomed. Our staff is able to bathe, trim nails, pluck and clean ears, and express anal glands.  If your pet has stress while being groomed we offer sedation and/or anesthesia while grooming.


Dental Care

Say “No more!” to stinky breath.  Our clinic performs dental cleanings on both cats and dogs.  We have an ultrasonic scaler which removes even the most stubborn plaque from teeth.  We polish with a multispeed electronic polisher and seal teeth with Orivet, prolonging the time between dentals.  If needed, we can extract teeth – always with pain management.  It is important to keep teeth healthy, as dental disease can lead to many other problems including heart, liver, and kidney disease.


Our in-house radiology (x-ray) equipment is designed to provide quality images with rapid results.  Our equipment is maintained to high standards ensuring safe operation and consistent, high-quality results.  We are able to take X-rays with animals both awake or, if needed, under mild sedation.   


We offer boarding at our Hermann, MO clinic for your dogs and cats while you are away.  Our staff gives each animal personal attention during their stay.  We feed our Science Diet® Sensitive Stomach dry food, or you can bring your pet's regular food from home.  Our staff is able to medicate pets and keep a close eye on any potential healthcare concerns.  The veterinarians are able to treat your pets as needed if any incident was to arise during your trip.   Our boarding charges are applied nightly and you can drop off or pick up at any time during our normal clinic office hours.  After 5 nights of boarding at the clinic, we offer a complimentary bath for dogs so that they will go home soft and fresh!  All pets boarding must be current on their vaccinations and either be on a dewormer or have a negative fecal.  Our veterinarians are happy to do this during your pet's visit if they are past due.  


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